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UO Vs. Stanford

          First let me say that 1.) I am uberfan of the U of O. 2.) I am not going to make many posts in regards to sports because my focus for this blog is to discuss technology, specifically with Online Marketing and how it can help you.

         That being disclosed this post is specifically about last nights debacle. I have SO many points of umbrage, and several points of hope. Let’s start with the negative notations?

         The quality of officiating was horrendous last night, this is to the affects of both sides. To start, (and to give myself some credibility) the Pass interference call on Stanford was utterly ticky-tack and was one of those “Just let em play” calls. There was hand fighting on both sides. 

         The other call that was noteworthy, and game(Read BCS landscape) changing was the reversal of the incomplete pass in the corner of the end zone. The receiver never clearly demonstrated possession prior to rolling onto the white paint surrounding the end zone. Nor did the video give clear evidence of this, and the decision to overturn was simply radical.  

         All of this being said, Oregon’s offense was stymied all night long and the play of the Stanford front 7 should be lauded in song for generations to come. The performance they made against the Oregon blitzkrieg offense was heroic in a simple statement. The same can be said for the injury riddled defense of Oregon. Missing their starting DT Wade Keliikipi, All world DE Dion Jordan returning a touch early from injury, and Kiko Alonso slowed by injury the run defense responded well in the clutch. Having either John Boyett (Retired due to Injuries) or Avery Patterson (Out for Season *Knee) both of whom were stellar in run support and in coverage this defense may have changed the out come of itself. As it were Ifo Ekpre Olumu came fingertips away from putting the nail in the coffin on Stanfords final drive as he jumped Hogan’s pass to the flat. Had Ifo held on to the ball he had daylight to the endzone.

        This is a young team with many young stars who stepped up to make big plays. Jr. Josh Huff looks like the receiver we always thought he could be, along with the rest of the stable of studs. 

        There is still a slim chance for Oregon to back into the BCS picture, however our fate is NOT in our hands anymore. We need Stanford, among others to lose, first and foremost however we need to win the Civil War. Here’s to the future, WTD.